About Us

Decision Nexus objectively trains and supports management teams in proactively navigating decision challenges ideally before material resources are committed – (otherwise it typically shifts to a turn-around or workout project). Once scenarios are mapped and commitments staged, we are typically requested to remain engaged by providing ongoing decision support, specialized services and investment banking execution.

Our organization is very good at doing this* because our multi-disciplinary backgrounds, networks, education and experience enable us to get to the point….and then get things done. The team represents a fusion of real – life experience in both corporate/entrepreneurial platforms as well as military/other government agencies bridging all levels of leadership and execution from start-ups through rapid expansions and exits. Tested skill sets include all aspects of investment banking, strategic consulting world wide, intellectual property management and C-suite operational management roles in all functional capacities across most market segments.

Consider contacting Decision Nexus when:

• Uncertainty exists with a strategy or project – capital investment, new product launch, market entry, divestiture, acquisition, merger, outsourcing of a key function, etc.
• Decision makers need to document and justify strategic decisions and resource commitments.
• Seasoned investment banking support is needed.
• Discrete due diligence, verification of assets/backgrounds is required.
• There are too many surprises/communication leaks – new intelligence and thinking may be required to develop realistic controls, options and action plans.
• Specialized real-word training and services that are simply not accessible at most consulting/banking platforms.
• Risk of falling behind due to emerging technologies, shifting market segments, eroding IP/expiring patents etc.
• The industry structure is changing (regulation, deregulation, consolidation, geopolitical developments etc.)