Patrick Cleary

Patrick Cleary
Director Syndication
Michigan State University College

Mr. Cleary is an investment banking real estate professional and is expert in structuring complex banking/real estate transactions, performing due diligence case analysis and supervising forensic underwriting assignments relating to litigation related matters for various Wall Street clients such as Chase, Wells Fargo, WAMU and CITI.
Prior to joining Decision Nexus LLC, Mr. Cleary was founder of South Coast Real Estate, a Southern California brokerage specializing in luxury residential and commercial financing after which he was subsequently recruited as a banking executive and consultant to various banks and real estate developers. His accomplishments ranged from configuring and finalizing the software installation/full functionality and configuration for a 1.2 billion dollar community bank; establishing a company training program directly responsible for increasing loan volume generated by branches from 20% to approximately 60%; and increasing funding volumes within one year from less than $5M per month to greater than $38M per month.

Mr. Cleary earned a BA degree in Management from Michigan State University College.