Specialized Services

Working with our Strategic Partners we offer very unique services and access to experts that typically are not easily accessible but nevertheless relevant to any organization’s operation in this less predictable global business environment. This is a sampling only – our network can provide any variance of these specialties based on your specific situation.

Crisis Management and Media Mitigation

Rapid response to control information flow, messages and/or source the critical elements needed to establish and properly frame the correct message. This support is critical when dealing with decisions in a fast moving environment and managing sensitive communication issues such as misinterpretations/targeted miscommunications associated with a negotiation and/or a hostile (or biased) media environment or unfamiliar culture.

Communication Analysis (Truth & Deception)

The determination and validation of individuals’ responses based on the analysis of real-time activity or access based on the review of historical archived video/audio, social media, etc. This service is typically used when considering material decisions such as specific negotiations and general business dealings with key vendors/distributors, JV partners, key hires, potential merger/acquisition partners, etc.

Due Diligence Driven Intelligence & Primary Source Verification

Typical assignments focus on profile development of employees, potential clients, investors, acquisition candidates, and verification of information at its primary source. Usually this includes the vetting and validation of information for material decisions regarding background information and representations made by employees, partners, acquisitions/ merger candidates, other business prospects, key suppliers/distributors, fund managers as well many other due diligence considerations.

Communication/Activity Mapping

Provide unique intelligence information, specifically mapping and delineating who is speaking to whom, when, where, how and the frequency of interaction. This exercise is often used to verify the integrity of information flow and is especially helpful when avoiding the negative effect of information leaks during strategic negotiations, product launches, M&A activity, litigation engagements/defense, sourcing of competitive intelligence and the maintenance of IP countermeasures.